The Story


Steamies Burger Bar was created to be our ultimate restaurant, everything we like when we go out to eat wrapped into one awesome dining experience. And if we think it's important, maybe you will, too. We offer something different than other places in town.
Discover what Steamies is all about.

What the food like?  There is something for everyone, no matter the mood. Sometimes you want to indulge with a burger and fries. Other times you want to eat lean and green with a salad or some vegetables. One minute you want a milkshake and the next it's all about the frozen margaritas. With so much variety, anyone and everyone should be able to find something to enjoy at Steamies.

How about the quality?  Top notch! All natural, fresh and local whenever possible. 100% Angus Beef. All Natural Premium Beef Hot Dogs. Fresh Greens and Veggies. Rich Frozen Custard Made with only cream, sugar, egg and vanilla extract. Local Brews and Wines.

And the atmosphere?  Hip, cool and contemporary. Don't you want to feel like you went somewhere incredible when you left the house? Concrete, metal work, exposed structure, wood and brick. Seating for one up to large groups with tables, bars, booths and a cozy lounge area under the front window. Hang out with some friends and watch a game on the big screens. Catch up on some work with free WIFI. Stop in with your date for a frozen treat.
It all can happen right here. 

What about the service?  Super friendly, counter and quick. Look, we're all busy and sometimes we just don't have a lot of time. Steamies lets you get in, get out and get on with it. But's still a great place to chill.

What about the price point?  CHEAP. Our starting burger is $4.35. Get a little or get a lot,
it's up to you. We don't raise prices to hammer the visitors to the area and we don't gouge the locals. Our mission? Be fair and reasonable right from the beginning. Period.

Does an eco friendly culture matter?  Yes. Steamies recycles whenever possible, uses environmentally responsible products and intentionally presents its offerings in a way that ultimately produces less waste. Our steaming equipment is less harmful to our surroundings. We even invented an edible spoon for our custard - what could be more eco friendly that eating your utensil? Our world matters to us and we know it matters to you.