The Reason


Steaming is a better approach to cooking in many ways. We have conducted extensive research on steam and how to optimize our burgers by using it as our primary cooking method. Many factors came into play - patty size, type and grade of meat, cooking temperature and duration, type of steam oven, what customized demi glaze best enhances the flavor and so much more.  In the end, we found that when you steam meat in the manner that we developed, the flavors are infused, the taste is heightened and the juices remain. However, the fats, oils and byproducts run out. What is left is an incredibly tasty, juicy burger that you can feel good about eating. Our burgers are healthier than those that are grilled, fried or charbroiled - processes that seal all the bad stuff into the meat as it cooks.
We choose steam because it's better for you.

Plus, using steam as our primary cooking method lends itself to all sorts of additional healthy alternatives on the Steamies menu, like seven varieties of vegetables. Just as we prepare our meat in a customized demi glaze, our steamed vegetables are cooked in a specialized broth that brings out the color and flavor of every tasty veggie. From Brussel Sprouts with Bacon to our signature Lemon Pepper Parmesan Green Beans,  there are lots of wholesome choices for you and your family.

Steaming is also better for the environment. With steam, there is no harmful exhaust or fumes emitted into the air. It's just steam and that's better for us all.

Lastly, steaming is just plain fast. Our average cook time on our menu items (which are all made to order, BTW) is 3 minutes!  So you can get your food quickly and get on with it.